About Jane

Jane has always been enthusiastically doodling and creating intricate watercolours, and bringing up four children in the country gave her plenty of inspiration,

so it was no surprise when Jane found an output for her watercolours in illustrating books for Early Years, giving you the opportunity to enter her world of musical fun. . . .


Here is a demonstration of one Jane’s music classes.

You can see from the children and their parents’ expressions that it’s all about shared participation and FUN!!

One of Jane’s main goals is to allow children to explore music using toys, percussion and movement. Her approach to teaching a wide range of skills ensures that through familiar concepts and exciting activities, children progress rapidly in developing their music skills, learning the fundamentals which will be invaluable in later life.

Sackful of Songs packages Jane’s experience and offers a simple start to musical fun. It is easy to enjoy all of the activities in the books, needing little more than a few percussion instruments, a CD player and a sprinkling of your own creative ingenuity.